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Title for Cat's Meow

By Nicole Strine
email: artcardriver@houston.rr.com

Art cars are always a work in progress. Even if you're convinced it's finished and drive it around the same way for years, you never know when the muse will hit and the paint brushes will fly.

Nicole can attest to this as she drove "Cat's Meow" around the streets of Houston for 5 years before she realized she wasn't quite done with it. Now the car is 100% cat including an outspoken "Meow" that blasts from the car's interior on parade day.

Picture of Hood

It all started with a new hood.

The proud peacock flew the coup, replaced by a pleased purple pussy cat pinching pawfuls of catnip.

Her "Do 1 Too" license plate should say
"Do 1 Again!"

Driver's Side
Passenger side

The cats on both sides of the car got new coats of paint and the roof soon became littered with colorful paw prints.

Nicole has been so inspired by her art car that she has taken up the art of decorating mailboxes as well!


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