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Art Cars: The Cars, the Artists, the Obsession, the Craft (2nd Ed) Road Show: Art Cars and the Museum of the Streets
This brand new 2nd edition of "Art Cars" features 43 additional photos, a completely new chapter of 16 pages, and the Camera Van on the cover. Published in April 2007 by Blank Books, this is the most complete and contemporary book on this vital art form. Author & Photographer Harrod Blank, offers a guided tour of these visionary artists and their captivating creations, along with their inspiring stories, colorful photography, and a how-to section full of tips on creating your own Art Car! The automobile has long been a symbol of status, power, and autonomy, and ever since King Tut rolled through Egypt on his golden-wheeled chariot, artists and drivers have dreamed up mobile masterpieces. A striking photographic tribute and social history, Road Show navigates a path across high and low art, showing how people around the world are transforming their vehicles into stunning folk art, obsessive collections, social commentary, and visionary performances.
Art Cars: The Cars, the Artists, the Obsession, the Craft Wild Wheels The Book
Whether you have never heard of art cars before now or you have several of them parked in your driveway every day, Harrod's new book is for you. This book offers 144 pages of wisdom, wit and insight on the art car movement written by someone who has seen it all. This book features forty-two art cars including the "Lightmobile," a Volkswagen Beetle strung with over 1,400 computer programmed lights that can be made to flash messages; the "Grass Car," which is planted from top to bottom and side to side with living, growing grass; and "Cowasaki," a motorcycle that has been transformed to look like a cow.
Art Cars:
Revolutionary Movement
Women at the Wheel:
42 Stories of Freedom, Fanbelts and the Lure of the Open Road
This book features many photographs of art cars taken over the years at the annual Art Car Weekend in Houston, Texas. Includes interviews with car artists David Best and Larry Feunte. Created by the Ineri Foundation Photographer Marilyn Root portrays the lives of 42 women who have one thing in common, they all are in love with their cars. Of course, some of these women love their cars so much they turn they into rolling works of art. This book is currently out of print, but you can still order copies from individual sellers on Amazon.
Ed "Big Daddy" RothAndy Warhol: Cars: Business Art
Learn about one of our country's first car artists, Ed "Big Daddy" Roth, in this excellent coffee table biography of this talented man. While most may remember Roth by his famous character, the Rat Fink, the author contends that Roth is the first "to take the automobile . . . into the irrational world of abstract thought." In 1986, on the 100th birthday of the automobile, DaimlerChrysler Corporation commissioned Pop Art icon Andy Warhol to make a series of 80 car pictures to document the history of the automobile from 1886 to the present. Using 20 different Mercedes models, Warhol created 35 pictures and 12 large format paintings - the last series ever produced by the artist.
Wild Wheels The MovieDriving the Dream Video
Traveling across the country in his own wildly decorated VW Bug, filmmaker Harrod Blank dicovers a memorable cast of real-life characters who are obsessed with transforming their cars into mobile works of art.
(64 minutes)
Harrod Blank, who introduced the world to the art car with his moveable epic Wild Wheels, is back with an in-depth look at the personalities behind these multi-wheeled works of art.
(29 minutes)
Encyclopedia of Mosaic TechniquesThe New Mosaics
This is a handy guide to the materials and techniques of designing and laying mosaic tiles in both indoor and outdoor settings. Well illustrated with color photographs throughout, the "A to Z of Techniques" section has step-by-step instructions. Finished mosaics are pictured in the "Gallery" section. Workshop set-up and safety tips are included. A good basic reference for public libraries. Copyright 1999 Reed Business Information, Inc. Exploring a number of unexpected mosaic materials and surfaces, The New Mosaics utilizes basic mosaic-making principles to create soft furnishings, journal covers, jewelry, and more; even the more common choices such as tabletops, frames, boxes, and vases often take a less traditional and sometimes downright funky approach. Besides stone, glass, tile, and metal, materials include fabric, paper, buttons, eggshells, cork, seashells, cardboard, magnets, and found objects.
Collage TechniquesFabulous Jewelry
from Found Objects
Rather than a project-driven craft book, Collage Techniques is an exciting presentation of the medium as a fine art. The images are stunning, sometimes startling. A thorough coverage of materials, supplies, and basic methods lays the groundwork of the first section; chapters then focus on various types of papers, fibers, photographs, and technologically enhanced imagery that can be incorporated. After exploring the exquisite ideas and 35 projects showcased in this one-of-a-kind jewelry collection, you'll never look at "found items" the same way again. There are countless suggestions for recycling everyday objects, from electrical wire to soda cans, and uncovering their vast potential for beauty. The wildly creative pieces include a driftwood brooch, a bracelet with wooden game pieces, and a pendant featuring old boat charts.
The End is Near!Raw Creation
The new American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore is devoted to collecting and exhibiting self-taught "intuitive" artists, whose work is often compulsive, bizarre, intricately detailed, and marked by erotic or political overtones. This work, the record of an exhibition at the museum, focuses on the "End of the World" as interpreted by the occasionally tortured vision of some 50 artists working in various countries at different times, from early in this century to the present. Maizel's book examines the history, study, and appreciation of this century's self-taught art, from the maniacal drawings of asylum inmates to found-object sculptures made by street people to homes surrounded by monoliths or covered in mosaic.
Gardens of RevelationsSelf-Made Worlds
With incisive intelligence and beguiling prose, John Beardsley tells the story of some twenty-five "visionary environments" and the fiercely independent individuals who created them. Beardsley also situates the work in the larger contexts of traditional garden design, religious architecture, environmental sculpture, and folk art. Carefully conceived, with respectful, sophisticated essays and excellent color photographs, plus an extensive list of folk-art sites, Self-Made Worlds may prove indispensable to aficionados of outsider art, and will be educational for those who are new to it. The sites range from the famous, graceful Palais Ideal in France, to a Depression-era shack in Louisiana painted with words.


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