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Ooey, Gooey.
GOOPey, OOPey.
The stuff that sticks.

Glueing stuff onto your car, inside or out, requires the right adhesive for the job.

Here is what we have found.

WARNING!!! ....... WARNING!!!

Glueing things onto your car invites people
to try to pull them off.

We recommend a few solitary moments of contemplation before embarking on the "glue everything including the kitchen sink onto your car" odyssey.

People will ask questions,
people will yank and pull,
people will tug and turn,
and ask, "how is this attached?"

Things will fall off - perhaps even some of your most cherished treasures.

Think before you glue
For it is true,
That once you begin to glue,
Alas, you may never be through.

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  • Good for all purpose glueing including beads, glass, and most small objects
  • Fairly easy to work with
  • Bonds with most surfaces including clothing
  • Best bonding in cooler environment
  • Becomes rather gooey in warmer environment
  • Does not dry immediately and takes 24 hours to set completely
  • Quite smelly - and takes days for the smell to dissipate
  • Has a tendency to dull with age
  • ProductE6000
    ManufacturerEclectic Products, Inc.
    Pineville, LA
    AvailabilityMost Arts and Crafts Stores
    Pricing3.7 FL. OZ. Tube ..... $ 3.95
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    Marine GOOP

  • Good for all purpose glueing of small to medium size objects
  • For best results, roughen the surfaces to be glued first
  • Apply glue to all surfaces
  • Fairly easy to work with
  • Dries fast
  • Bonds with most surfaces with a flexible rubber seal
  • Requires 24 hours to dry completely
  • Dries clear and can be painted
  • Allegedly superior for surfaces exposed to the elements - like a car
  • Available in small tubes and, in some parts of the country, caulking tubes
  • Other GOOP adhesives include Household GOOP, Plumber's GOOP, and Automotive GOOP
  • ProductMarine GOOP
    ManufacturerEclectic Products, Inc.
    Pineville, LA
    AvailabilityMost Hardware Stores
    Some Arts and Crafts Stores
    Pricing3.7 FL. OZ. Tube ..... $ 4.95
    10.2 FL. OZ. Caulking Tube ..... $ 9.95
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    100% Silicone

  • Good for all purpose glueing of medium to large size objects
  • Available in small tubes and caulking tubes for power-glueing sessions
  • Bonds with most surfaces
  • Appears dull when dry and is not paintable
  • Available in three colors clear, white and black
  • Works well under most environmental conditions
  • Tends to be less expensive by volume than other adhesives
  • ProductSilicone II Household Glue & Seal
    ManufacturerGE Silicones
    Waterford, NY
    AvailabilityAll Hardware Stores
    Pricing2.8 FL. OZ. Tube ..... $ 3.00
    10.2 FL. OZ. Caulking Tube ..... $ 8.95
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  • Not easy to work with but is very effective
  • Involves mixing two components, a resin and a hardener
  • Bonding occurs when these two components react chemically
  • Bonds with most surfaces and is particularly good with hard to stick materials like metal
  • Setting times vary depending upon materials
  • Tends to be expensive
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