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One Shot Sign Paint

  • Best all purpose vivid paint around
  • Lead-base makes it fairly toxic
  • Comes in a variety of colors including fluorescent and metallic colors
  • Expensive but available in varying size containers
  • Best results in 50-70 degree environment
  • Use the best brushes you can afford (Gesso 1" Flat End Hollow Inside)
  • Apply in one or two thin coats to a well sanded surface
  • Spread the paint in very thin coats as it has a tendency to run
  • Clean car well before and in between paintings
  • Let each coat dry before adding another
  • If working indoors, work in a well ventilated area
  • If working outdoors, work in the shade
  • Read the instructions (and cautions) on the paint can before using it
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    Acrylic Paint

  • Good all purpose non-toxic paint
  • Easy to work with and cleans up with soap and water
  • Inexpensive and readily available in many sizes and colors
  • Not as durable as One Shot and may dull with age
  • When painting is complete, apply one or more layers of clear coat to seal
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    Other Paint Options

    Epoxy Paint
  • Often used to paint bath tubs and sinks
  • Not easy to work with
  • Forms a very hard durable surface
  • Available in bathroom colors like white and beige
  • Spray Paint
  • Easy to work with
  • Inexpensive
  • Readily available in a wide variety of colors
  • Can be used with stencils and masking to create more detail work
  • Can be easily applied over sculpted materials like foam
  • Auto Paint
  • Available at auto parts stores
  • Sold in small and regular size spray cans
  • Most often used for touch-up work like disguising dings
  • Expensive if you plan to cover large areas
  • Available in all standard car colors
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